Professor Colin Morris

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When and where did you initially develop an interest in the history of the crusades and/or the Latin East?


Who or what sparked your enthusiasm for the subject?



Please provide details of your Higher Education, including dates, institution(s) and the name(s) of your research supervisors.


Career History

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Pembroke College, Oxford:
Official and Emeritus Fellow, 1953-present.

Southampton University:
Professor of Medieval History (and Emeritus), 1969-present.

Retired since 1992.

Fellow of British Academy; Fellow of Royal Historical Society, former President of Ecclesiastical History Society.

Influences and Methodologies

What ideas and/or methodologies have informed your approach to your research?


Research Outlook

What do you consider to be the most important avenues for future research in the field of crusader studies?


Research Output

Please provide details of your research output, including publications and other media as appropriate.

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