Professor Peter Jackson

Contact Details

School of Humanities (History),
Keele University,
ST5 5BG 
Tel 01782-583202 (direct line)/583196 (School office)


When and where did you initially develop an interest in the history of the crusades and/or the Latin East?

Through reading Runciman (in 1960!)

Who or what sparked your enthusiasm for the subject?

The late Otto Smail, in his final-year course at Cambridge, ‘The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1098-1291’ (in 1970-1)


Please provide details of your Higher Education, including dates, institution(s) and the name(s) of your research supervisors.

St John’s College, Cambridge (1968-71): 
BA 1st-class Honours, Cambridge (1971);
Postgraduate research at St John’s (1971-5):
PhD (Cambridge, 1977), for thesis entitled ‘The Mongols and India, 1221-1351’ (supervisor Professor JA Boyle, Manchester).

Career History

Please provide details of your academic career history, including confirmation of your current institutional affiliation and contact details.

  • Junior Research Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge (1975-9)
  • Lecturer in History, Keele University (1979-91)
  • Senior Lecturer (1991-2000); Reader (2000-2)
  • Professor of Medieval History (2002-)

Influences and Methodologies

What ideas and/or methodologies have informed your approach to your research?


Research Outlook

What do you consider to be the most important avenues for future research in the field of crusader studies?

  1. Ransacking the Arabic sources for material concerning Frankish activity
  2. Reaching a more nuanced idea of the way Popes distinguished crusades to theatres other than the Holy Land, and against enemies other than the Muslims, in terms of the rewards offered.

Research Output

Please provide details of your research output, including publications and other media as appropriate.

  • ‘The crisis in the Holy Land in 1260’, English Historical Review, 95 (1980), pp 481-513
  • ‘The end of Hohenstaufen rule in Syria’, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, 59 (1986), pp 20-36
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  • The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck: his journey to the court of the Great Khan Möngke, 1253-1255, translated by P Jackson, introduction, commentary and appendices by P Jackson with DO Morgan (Cambridge, 1990:  Works issued by the Hakluyt Society, 2nd series, 173), pp xvi + 312
  • ‘The crusade against the Mongols (1241)’, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 42 (1991), pp 1-18; Hungarian translation as ‘Keresztes hadjárat a mongolok ellen (1241)’ in Nagy Balázs et al (eds), Tatárjárás (Budapest: Osiris, 2003), pp 348-61
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